Thursday, 1 October 2015

Wish you could disarm Doubt?

Doubt. Funny thing isn't it? Seems to trip us up a lot doesn't it? Often we feel a second class Christian or worse if we have doubts. But I want to be brief and dispel those fears.

Yes, Jesus clearly teaches us to have faith and not doubt. Faith is where we're aiming. Doubt can disrupt a lot. As we have delved into faith this past month and seen that it is believing in what you cannot see, we also discovered that for faith to be faith, there has to be a bit of doubt around. Once
you know something to be true, it is no longer faith. So could it be that doubt is the soil in which genuine faith grows? I think so. Rather than treating it as our enemy, and hence be paralysed or shamed by its presence, perhaps we could get used to it always lurking in the background, and so focus on developing our faith. I'm not saying feed your doubt, not at all. Just don't be hamstrung by it. God's grace is much bigger than your doubt.

After all, the father of the boy with an evil spirit cried out "I believe, help my unbelief" (Mk 9:24).
Don't be paralysed by doubt. Instead, use it to grow true faith, by reminding yourself of the God who has acted for you in the past. Ask God to move again, speak again. Take that step of faith and act on it. From the soil of doubt will grow a strong shot of faith.